Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface Game – 3v4 Gameplay Info Revealed & More


Texas Chainsaw Massacre info about gameplay. Read More…

At the end of last year was announced the Leatherface game, and today new details are shared about it.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game will be a 3v4 and the killers will not be able to teleport, moreover, the game will be in third person:

"We never want to make the same game twice. You either innovate or imitate, and I don’t have to tell you which one makes for a better game. Everyone at Gun prefers to innovate and push the genre forward. How do you do this? Well, when it came to the design of Texas we knew that 3 vs. 4 was different. All the mechanics and features are built around this fundamental rethinking of asymmetrical multiplayer. Additionally when you look at the '74 film, you’ll note there’s an entire family to deal with, not just Leatherface. So it felt natural to have three killers chasing victims."

About the designing for three killers, he said that it has meant a lot of design time spent making balanced levels and killer abilities:
"We love a good challenge, and there are massive amounts of balance required to make three killers feel and play uniquely, while still providing exciting gameplay. When you have three killers and four victims running around a gamespace, you spend a lot of time on level design. Creating shadows and items to hide behind, mixtures of open rooms to move slowly through, while hallways become natural choke points that players can move quickly through to find the next hiding spot. With three killers chasing you around, it can be overwhelming. It was also our responsibility to assure that each level creates exciting moments drenched in terror, but ample spots to catch a reprieve and make your next move."

Ultimately, 3 v 4 was the structure the team found most enjoyable for the experience in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This match structure allowed us to keep the Family feeling powerful, but not overpowering and the Victims feeling somewhat helpless alone, but dangerous if organized. The asymmetrical aspect in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre became a part of the moment to moment design of the game, more than just a bullet point in a design document.

Are you excited about all this?

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