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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Game: All Upcoming Contents LEAKED + Stranger Things Collab?

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The Tech Test to preview Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the licensed Leatherface game pitting family (3 killers) against four victims, has recently concluded.

Although only for four days, those who were able to try this new game certainly noticed the attention to detail that Gun Media, the team that previously worked on Friday The 13th, put into it.

And for those who haven't tried it, don't be scared off by the fact that it's three killers against four survivors, because this is not Dead by Daylight.

The first map tested was the one with the famous house, full of details, with even a special kill that only leatherface can do using the hook just like he does in the movie, and also the grandfather has a role within the gameplay of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Stealth is key, and even if you're left alone and the other victims (survivors) are dead, it doesn't mean you've lost the game, because the important thing in this game is not how many people are still alive, but how much noise you make while playing.

In fact, it happened to me several times that I managed to escape from the killers even when I was the only one left alive: if you are alone it is even harder to find you because no one else will be able to make excessive noise outside of you, and the fact that there are several ways to escape helps even more.

When I started playing Texas Chainsaw Massacre the first thing I wanted to test was the balance: how is it possible that they managed to create a game where you play four against three? ''that's impossible!'' I thought, also because asymmetrical horror multiplayers I tried them all, from Last Year to Friday the 13th, from VHS to the Resident Evil Resistance beta, even to the more unknown ones like Hide Or Die and Soul At Stake, and many others, and they all had the same problem: it wasn't fun to play it as survivors, and it wasn't balanced, so I wanted to see if that was the case this time as well.

And instead I was very amazed not only by the balance but also by the fun of playing both as a killer and as a survivor, a fun that I haven't had since Dead by Daylight was still in its infancy, so in 2016/2017.

In fact, I can guarantee you that for what I have experienced, the killers seem very balanced, first of all they all spawn separately and in different parts of the map (the maps are not like Dead by Daylight's, here they extend vertically and horizontally) and then since it is all based on noise, if you are not careful about that, as a killer you will be pretty much useless, especially if you don't know how to use the powers each of them has:

Leatherface can use the chainsaw, but the survivors can escape through different passages between walls that he can't go to.

The Cook tires easily when he runs because of his age, and he also can't go through the ducts that the survivors can use to escape, however he has a power that if exploited well can be very useful (personally he is the one I liked the most out of the three), because he allows you to detect survivors who make a lot of noise by having their aura light up red for several seconds, of course he has a cooldown, but if you know how to use him, he becomes very strong, most of the kills I did with him.

Finally, there is The Hitchhiker (there will be other killers as well but in the Tech Test it was only possible to try these three), who instead has the ability to go through conduits that survivors can use to escape, but unlike the others he does not do much damage when he hits them, and his power is based on traps and the ability to put locks on doors.

This game has a care and respect for the license on which it is based that is rarely seen nowadays, because nowadays licensed games are made in a hurry because so much because they have a known name they sell regardless, and instead this one really seems to be made by fans of the original saga.

Another amazing detail is that within the lore of the game a girl named Maria disappears (in fact the games open with a intro of leatherface killing her), and each victim/survivor who finds Maria's body within the map, has a different reaction.

Survivors also do not die right away, in fact it takes several hits to kill them, plus they can attack killers by going behind them and using a bone chip that you can find around the map, and even if a chase with a killer starts and you take some damage, don't worry, because you can find items that will heal your health.

This game will be released on August 18 on all platforms and also on the Xbox Game Pass.

And the news does not end there, because in fact within the Tech Test files of the game have been found several information regarding new contents that will arrive in the future within the game and some were also shared on socials (for example, thanks to dvveet were anticipated some contents that will arrive in the future), for those who do not know in fact, the game is in collaboration with Kim Henkel, the original writer of the saga, and thanks to his supervision will also arrive original characters within the game, to increase even more the content coming in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Indeed, files have been found regarding new upcoming killers named Nancy and Sissy, a new survivor named Danny, two new maps called Junkyard and Nancy's House, and all maps have their own variant Dusk, Dawn and Night.

Lots of cosmetics are also coming for characters such as Sonny, Leland, Connie, Julie, Danny and many others. For Leatherface they will be the following (thanks to dvveett):
- Memento
- Muddy
- Pristine
- Rusty
- Weathered
- Bloody Killer
- Killing Mask
- Old Lady
- Pretty Woman

There will also be several Leatherface masks, and there is a string called 'ST Art' but it is still not known what it is, there are those who assume that ST stands for Stranger Things but nothing is known about that at the moment.

The contents coming for Texas Chainsaw Massacre is really a lot between new killers, new survivors, new maps and new skins, and the gameplay looks really promising, and the fact that it is a promising game you can also tell by the roadmap of Dead by Daylight, which has never changed the order of chapter releases, but this year it decided to release several licensed content all close to the release of this game, probably to divert attention from this game, also because the chapter that usually came out in September, this year will come out in August, the very month this game comes out, also it will be a licensed chapter, and in July another licensed content will come.

Obviously this competition benefits fans who will have new contents to play with.

What do you think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game?
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