Texas Chainsaw Massacre LEATHERFACE GAME: GUN MEDIA Friday the 13th Devs & Kane Hodder talks about Release Date, 3v4 Mode Balancing Killers + Their Abilities Reveals, Survivors Tools for Escape, Dedicated Servers, Beta, DLC, Motion Capture New Technique of Acting, Chainsaw Dance Mocap & More!


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The licensed game of Leatherface was announced last year at The Game Awards, recently was also presented a map of the game & 3v4 mode:

Recently the developers of the game along with Kane Hodder who worked on Leatherface’s motion capture, were at the Mad Monsters where they revealed more information about the game.

Regarding the release of the game, Kane Hodder said that the motion capture was concluded last December, for him then the game will be released in about a year, so it will not be released soon.

He also added that during the game’s motion capture sessions, he had an idea to perform Leatherface’s motion capture in a way that was never seen in movies or motion capture sessions in general. It was very vague as he couldn’t go into detail, but he said it wasn’t about how to kill survivors or anything like that, but that he calls "technique of acting that you’ve never seen on film I think it’d be cool to do".

Kane Hodder then continued this interview saying he was honored to be able to do the famous dancing chainsaw that is present at the end of the original film, thus making it clear that somehow Leatherface will dance during the game, perhaps at the end of the games.

The Creative Director of Gun Media then said that they have been working on this game for three years, and that compared to the game of Friday the 13th, they have learned how to balance a killer too strong, especially now that they are developing a game in which there will be simultaneously three killers against four survivors, working on making sure that the survivors live enough to have fun during the games.

He also added that he knows that the main curiosity of fans is to understand how to have fun as survivors if there are three killers following you, saying that the Leatherface family is not composed of supernatural beings or with special powers, but that they are human beings who can not disappear and reappear on another side of the map (referring to the game Friday the 13th in which Jason had several special powers including teleportation), adding that each killer will have unique abilities.

So the most important lesson they learned from their previous game is about balancing the killers, and for them it’s a big challenge as it’s never been done before in the asymmetric multiplayer genre a game that contained a 3v4 mode.

As for killer skills, he said that 'The Cook' will not be able to run fast because he does not do it in the movie, but "can only do certain things". The Hitchhiker is 'crazy', 'unpredictable' and 'wily' so he said that he probably won’t be the strongest character but he can do things that others can’t. Finally Leatherface owns the chainsaw which is obviously very strong but there will be things he can not do (maybe he can land the survivors but not kill them permanently?).

So he explained that every killer has abilities that if they’re made to work together, it’s much easier to catch the survivors, so we’ll need cooperation.

This is a novelty for the genre of asymmetric horror multiplayer because it creates a situation that has never existed before, that is, it will not only be the survivors to have to collaborate to win but also the killers. So the team that will be able to cooperate the most will win over the other. He also added that the survivors will have different 'tools' to try to escape, hide and do things that allow them to break the line of sight with the killers. So he says that while in their previous game Jason chased everyone at once thanks to teleportation, with the survivors running from one window to another, this will be a much more stealth-focused game.

As for the authenticity of the game compared to the original movie, they said they are doing everything to make it as close as possible to the movie, even the small details during the motion capture sessions with the original characters of the movie.

The Creative Director also answered the question that many fans were concerned about the fear that even this game could be blocked due to legal issues with the license, reassuring fans that this will not happen because in the case of the license of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the rights all belong to one person, namely the original screenwriter: Kim Hankel, and is also involved in the development of the game.

He also answered a question about a possible beta of the game saying that at the moment they have no ads to do about it but to stay tuned, moreover, they are not closed to releasing DLC in the future that will add new characters within the game.

In addition, I remind you that the game will have dedicated servers and that is set five/six months before the original film (so February-March, as the original film was set in August).

What do you think of all this? will you buy this game?

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