Dead by Daylight – Tome 4 Characters Leaked, Legendary Skin, Pinhead Lawsuit and.. new event(?)


New leaks about tome 4, legendary skins and.. a new event? Moreover, new info about the Hellraiser Saga. Read More…

There are new information regarding tome 4, legendary skins and some strange dates. In addition, the Hellraiser chapter will have a lawsuit.

Thanks to Th3Nigh7mare for the leaks about tome 4 and legendary skins, and to Masusder for the "strange dates".


In an article a couple of days ago I told you about the fact that Tome 4 could be based on the lore of The Wraith and The Hag. Today we confirm those leaks, and also, we have the survivors of tome 4: they will be Meg Thomas and Ace Visconti.

*Note: I remind you that tome 4 is still in development and the characters that are part of it may change. Obviously if this happens, we will notify you.


In the last article I told you about the fact that The Oni, The Spirit and The Clown will get legendary skins.

With a recent update instead, Behaviour has changed the rarity of The Spirit and The Clown skins making them become "very rare" instead of "legendary".

This means that to date, it is only The Oni that will receive a legendary skin.


We still don't know what they're referring to, but there are start and end dates for something.

Specifically, the dates refer to a start for July 8th, and an end for July 22nd.

There could be placeholder dates that will be eliminated, or perhaps dates for the release of some patches within that period.


Yes, it also happened for the Pinhead saga.

After the Friday the 13th franchise, another also arrives for The Hellraiser Saga.

In essence, the aforementioned law allows authors to file a contractual "notice of termination" on any assignments of rights and licenses subsequent to the year 1978 giving the opportunity to recover what, between novels, stories and screenplays, has been sold for any cinematographic or television exploitation. After a period of "unexploited" too long or if you end up in an endless cycle of sequels, the rights can return to the hands of the original creator.

The reasons are the same, therefore, as those of the lawsuit for the Jason Voorhies franchise, i.e. the creator of the original work, Clive Barker, wants to regain the rights of the first film and then start producing something for the brand again. Clive Barker has directed only the first film, for this reason he wants to regain the rights to restart the saga.

Furthermore, as mentioned by Larry Zerner, the onetime Friday the 13th Part III actor who now practices entertainment law, the outcome of the case will not be known until at least December 19, 2021, so everything that comes out before that date will be legitimate. This means that the TV series being developed at HBO, or the Spyglass Media Group movie, they must be released by that date.

This also means that if Behaviour want to bring Pinhead to Dead by Daylight, must do so by December 2021, as from that moment on the cause could last for some time due to the appeals, just like the cause of Friday the 13th.

What do you think? Would you like to have Pinhead on Dead by Daylight? And are you happy with the characters that will be part of Tome 4?

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