Tony Hawk on Dead By Daylight after the release of the Remastered?


Tony Hawk could arrive this year on Dead by Daylight. Read more…

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A couple of months ago in the Dead by Daylight community there was a lot of talk about a likely collaboration between the Behaviour game and Tony Hawk. The reason was as follows:

As you can see, Mathieu Côté, the Game Director of Dead by Daylight, had asked Tony Hawk on Twitter how it could be done to collaborate with him.

Since then we have no more news on the matter, but in the last few days there is a very interesting leak, in fact, it seems that Activision, during this year, will release the remastered of the first game of Tony Hawk: 'Tony Hawk's Skateboarding'. Could that be the moment when we will see Tony Hawk arrive on Dead by Daylight? In this way, thanks to the collaboration with Behaviour, Activision would advertise also for its game.

We just have to wait for further developments about this, meanwhile, would you like if Tony Hawk arrived as a survivor on Dead by Daylight?

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