viper ghostface dead by daylight dbd bloodrush event double bloodpoints lbd

Dead by Daylight – Viper Ghostface & BloodRush Event!

The second collection of the six new ones that will be released between March and April has been released.

The released collection is the '
Viper Ghost', below you can see the banner of this new collection:

The Viper Ghost can be purchased in the shop for 1080 aurics cells.

In addition to the release of this new collection, there is also a new event, the BloodRush!

The BloodRush event is a "light-version" of the BloodHunt event, but with a longer duration. During this Event, the Bloodpoints gained during the trials are multiplied by x1.5.

This is the banner dedicated to the event:

The event will end at 11 AM EDT on April 15th.

I remind you that if you want to check the release date of the other collections, you can do it here:

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