Dead by Daylight X Resident Evil: Project ‘W’ LEAKED: Albert Wesker as Killer, Ada Wong & Rebecca Chambers as Survivors + Map, Price & Release Date – Lady Dimitrescu/Mr. X as Killer in Chapter 3?


Project W Chapter. Read More…

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Days ago I had anticipated the upcoming Resident Evil Chapter 2, and it was officially announced with a teaser at the event to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game:

In the article in which I anticipated Albert Wesker on dead by daylight, I also told you about the survivors present in the new Chapter, which will be: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, while as for the map, the RPD map will be reworked and variants will be added (as happened for example to that of Freddy Krueger). The release is scheduled for mid-September 2022 and will cost $11.99.

It is the first time that Behaviour Interactive makes two Chapters on the same license, this lets imagine that the Chapter 2 of Resident Evil may not be the only one. In fact there could also be Chapter 3 with Lady Dimitrescu and the map based on Resident Evil Village, or with Mr. X.

This is possible for two reasons:
- The Resident Evil Chapter went very well in terms of sales and user feedback;
- Resident Evil has many characters, so it will not be impossible to see a Chapter 3 or even a Chapter 4 of Resident Evil. Remember that, compared to Silent Hill (and therefore to Konami), Capcom still produces new games of Resident Evil, that add new characters and environments (as in the case of Resident Evil Village with Lady Dimitrescu).

Would you like new collaborations with Resident Evil? After Wesker, who would you like in the game?

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