home sweet home survive multiplayer horror leaksbydalight dbd dead by daylight chapter 20 resident evil leaks

A new Multiplayer Horror Game 4v1 will be released tomorrow: Home Sweet Home Survive!

A new horror multiplayer is about to be released! Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Three more clues about the Candyman Chapter

It really seems that Candyman is the next licensed killer to arrive on Dead by Daylight. Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 17 v4.2.0 leaksbydaylight dbd behaviour interactive dbd leaks

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Cybil Bennett Legendary Skins & More!

All v4.2.0 leaks! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight – Pyramid Head New Chase Music, New End Game Collapse in the Silent Hill Map, New Skins In-Game + Render & Anniversary Items Icons

More info about the Silent Hill chapter & the new anniversary event! Read More…

leatherface the game friday the 13th gun media leaksbydaylight dead by daylight dbd kane hodder michael myers game halloween
NewsOff DBD


Leatherface the game confirmed? Read More…

aliens fireteam elite dead by daylight behaviour dbd alien chapter coldiron studios focus home facehugger

Dead by Daylight – All Clues so far point to a Crossover with Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Crossover with Alien is coming? Read More…

dead by daylight hellraiser pinhead behaviour interactive the evil within chapter dbd leaksbydaylight

Dead by Daylight – The Evil Within & Hellraiser could be the next two licenses on the way

Hints about the next licensed chapters! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – New info about All Upcoming Cosmetics: Ghost Face, Leatherface and More + Halloween Event Killer Addon Sounds

New info about halloween event and Ghost Face + Leatherface Cosmetics! Read More…

dead by daylight tome 4 leaks pyramid head silent hill leaksbydaylight niitoishere cheryl mason konami code leak dbd

Dead by Daylight – Tome 4 Info Leaks, Konami Code Easter Egg, Pyramid Head Without “Mask”, & Reminder Chapter 16 & Anniversary Dates

New leaks about Tome 4 & Silent Hill Chapter! Read More…

evil dead the game leaksbydaylight dbd multiplayer horror ash williams dead by daylight dbd ash vs evil dead
NewsOff DBD

Evil Dead The Game – Gameplay Revealed!

Gameplay Revealed about Evil Dead The Game! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – All Upcoming Cosmetics & Charms Leaked including the Stranger Things Jonathan Byers Skin and the Left 4 Dead and Pride Month charms

All upcoming cosmetics and charms coming to Dead by Daylight in the Mid-Chapter 19.5! Read More…

dead by daylight leatherface skin leaked dbd leaksbydaylight halloween sale

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Leatherface Skin LEAKED + Halloween Sale Banner Leaked & Info Reminder about it!

Leaks about Halloween Sale & Leatherface Skin! Read More…

halloween the game kane hodder friday the 13th jason gun media new game project michael myers leaksbydaylight dbd leaks
NewsOff DBD

Gun Media working with Kane Hodder on a New Licensed Horror Game: Halloween The Game Confirmed?

Is Michael Myers Getting his game? Read More…

candyman chapter dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd tony todd behaviour interactive universal pictures mgm

Dead by Daylight – will Candyman come to a Horror Game? the actor who plays him, Tony Todd, says to wait

Another hint about the candyman chapter? Read More…

chapter 19 another teaser dead by daylight dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight – Chapter 19: another teaser!

Another teaser for chapter 19! Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 18 wendigo leaksbydaylight dbd krampus legendary niitoishere

Dead by Daylight Leaks – All Info about v4.4.0/Chapter 18 Upcoming Cosmetics: Descriptions, Prices & Release Dates Leaked

All info about all upcoming cosmetics with v4.4.0! Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 17 teaser leaksbydaylight dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight – Chapter 17 Teaser!

The chapter 17 its original, confirmed by the teaser! Read More…

friday the 13th leaksbydaylight dbd dead by daylight behaviour jason voorhees victor miller sean cunningham
NewsOff DBD

Friday the 13th – Victor Miller has won the copyright termination appeal: the chapter on Dead by Daylight is closer?

Friday the 13th chapter is closer? Read More…

dead by daylight leatherface skin old lady dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight dbd leaks niitoishere

Dead by Daylight Leaks – All Info about the Leatherface Skin: Release Date, Descriptions, In-Game Model, Banner & Film

All info about the upcoming Leatherface skin. Read More…

dead by daylight halloween event tome v unleashed dbd leaksbydaylight niitoishere behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – The Halloween Event also on Mobile + Tome V Name, Halloween Event Name & Icons + Banner

New info about Halloween Event and Tome V! Read More…