dead by daylight tome 4 leaksbydaylight ptb dbd candyman chapter

Dead by Daylight – Tome IV Challenges & PTB Release

New leaks about the upcoming tome & PTB. Read More…

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Dead by Daylight – New Info about Killer & Map of Chapter 16 + PTB time got changed!

News about PTB, Killer & Map of the new chapter! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Chapter 17 Killer & ‘Map’ Revealed?

New info about the upcoming new chapter. Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Upcoming Collections + Winter Sale Leaked

Upcoming collections and winter sale leaked. Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Cross-Play & Cross-Friends Release Dates + Upcoming Hotfix & The First Fog Whisperers Event

New leaks about cross-friends, cross-platform, upcoming new hotfix & the first fog whisperers event! Read More…

silent hill chapter dead by daylight dbd pyramid head niitoishere leaksbydaylight crossover konami game

Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter: Chase Music & Lobby Music

Chase Music & Lobby music of the new chapter/crossover of Dead by Daylight!

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DEAD SPACE: REMAKE ANNOUNCED! Chapter on Dead by Daylight possible thanks to the Behaviour survey

Dead Space Chapter on Dead by Daylight? Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Upcoming Cosmetics Release Dates, Banners & Prices: New Survivor, Silent Hill Skins, Resident Evil Skins & More

Upcoming cosmetics leaked mid-chapter 21.5. Read More…

alien multiplayer horror game daybreak games cold iron studios h1z1 developers dead by daylight leaksbydaylight niitoishere
NewsOff DBD

A new Licensed Multiplayer Horror Game is in development: Alien!

A new licensed horror multiplayer is in development! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter banner leaked from BHVR Site!

Silent Hill banner leaked from Behaviour Site! Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Three more clues about the Candyman Chapter

It really seems that Candyman is the next licensed killer to arrive on Dead by Daylight. Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – New Stranger Things Skins Info Leaked + All Descriptions about All Upcoming Skins

All info about upcoming skins with mid-chapter v4.5.0! Read More…

dead by daylight cross progression leaksbydaylight dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Cross-Progression Code Leaked!

New leaks about the cross-progression! Read More…

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Scream & Candyman Release Dates Confirmed: collaborations with Dead by Daylight coming soon?

Scream & Candyman coming soon. Read More…

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Dead by Daylight – Characters Graphic Improvements, New Killers Animations, Cross-Progression News, Map Graphical Updates and More!

Summary from the latest dev stream! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Leatherface Skin LEAKED + Halloween Sale Banner Leaked & Info Reminder about it!

Leaks about Halloween Sale & Leatherface Skin! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Village Meg Thomas Easter Egg in the Lady Dimitrescu’s Castle: Killer from RE8 Confirmed?

Another clue about the killer from Resident Evil Village for the next chapter? Read More…

dead by daylight quentin smith dbd krueger freddy leaksbydaylight nightmare on elm street rework face

Dead by Daylight – Quentin Smith Face Rework + Tome VIII Leaks: Name, Cosmetics & Charms

Quentin smith face reworked + Tome VIII Leaks! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Ghost Face will have new content + Gaming Habits Survey & Tome IV Conviction Info/Banner

News about Ghost Face, the new Tome & a new Survey. Read More…

chapter 19 teaser video dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd behaviour interactive original content

Dead by Daylight – Chapter 19 TEASER VIDEO!

Teaser video for chapter 19! Read More…