silent hill konami dbd stream anniversary summary dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd

Dead by Daylight – 5th Anniversary Livestream Summary (Most Important Things)

This is a summary of the most important things of the stream to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Dead by Daylight. Read More…

dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd niitoishere kojima konami behaviour interactive silent hill chapter

Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter banner leaked from BHVR Site!

Silent Hill banner leaked from Behaviour Site! Read More…

silent hill chapter cosmetics release leaksbydaylight dead by daylight pyramid head dbd easter egg konami code niitoishere behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight – New Anniversary Event Skins & Charms, V4.0.0 Cosmetics Release Dates, Silent Hill Map Clocktower Easter Egg & Mid-Chapter Release Date

Today the Silent Hill Chapter will be released, and with it, also many news & leaks! Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Bill’s Face Rework & New Breakable Walls Animations!

These days it is possible to try the new mid-chapter patch that will release by the end of April, and among the many changes, there are two really very interesting. Read More…


Hide or Die: Out of Early Access with a completely reworked game

Hide or Die is getting ready for the full launch of the game! Read More…

viper ghostface dead by daylight dbd bloodrush event double bloodpoints lbd

Dead by Daylight – Viper Ghostface & BloodRush Event!

New Ghostface Collection & New Bloodpoints Event! Read More…

dead by daylight crossplay crossplatform cross friends leaksbydaylight dbd multiplayer ps4 xbox pc switch cross play

Dead by Daylight Cross-Play/Cross-Friends Code Leaked

Is the Cross-Play the new feature that will come in June? Read More…

candyman2020 film tonytodd candyman voice over dead by daylight dbd behaviour interactive chapter licensed iconic killer milestone leaksbydaylight niitoishere mathieu cote

Dead By Daylight – Candyman may be the first licensed killer to have a voice

Candyman will be the first killer to have a voice? Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Chapter 16 Leaks: Code Name Killer, Code Name Map, PTB Date & Priority

New leaks about next chapter of Dead by Daylight. Read More…

dead by daylight anniversary event leaksbydaylight silent hill chapter dbd crossprogressoin crossplay

Dead by Daylight – Anniversary Event Audio, Cross-Progression Code & Crown Pillar Render

New info about Anniversary Event & Cross-Progression. Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 17 candyman leaksbydaylight niitoishere behaviour interactive tony todd leak dbd

Dead by Daylight – Chapter 17: Killer & Survivor purchasable only with auric cells + Skins & Cross-Play, another Licensed Chapter?

New leak about chapter 17. Read More…

dead by daylight licensed chapter candyman leaksbydaylight mathieu cote dbd fourth anniversary 4th dbd niitoishere iconic license

Dead by Daylight will celebrate its 4th Anniversary with a new Licensed Chapter

New Iconic Horror License coming to Dead by Daylight. Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 18 licensed chapter 17 licensed candyman behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight dbd silent hill chapter hellraiser chapter pinhead it pennywise chapter springtrap dbd

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Chapter 17 & Chapter 18 will be both licensed?

Chapter 17 & Chapter 18 they will be licensed? Read More…


Dead by Daylight – PTB Official Date & Upcoming Changes to the Game!

A few minutes ago a new Developer Update came out which confirms the date for the PTB and anticipates all the news that will come into play with the Mid-Chapter! Read More…

Last-Year-Elastic-Games-leaksbydaylight-update-v1017 dbd

Last Year: A New Big Update!

Last Year is getting ready for another big update. Read More…

dbd dead by daylight lbd leaksbydaylight mobile disconnection bot market premade ghostface

Dead by Daylight Mobile: New Features!

New features for the dead by daylight mobile game have been announced! Read More…

dead by daylight hellraiser chapter dbd pinhead behaviour interactive mathieu cote leaksbydaylight simon

Dead by Daylight – Hellraiser Chapter Hint by the Game Director of DBD?

Did the game director of dead by daylight give us a clue about the new chapter? Read More…

hack slash chapter dead by daylight cassandra cassie hack tim seeley behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight dbd

Dead by Daylight – Hack/Slash Comic Chapter Soon?

Would you like a Chapter on Hack/Slash? Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Bunny Feng Available in the Store!

The Happy-Go-Lucky outfit is now available! Read More…

dead by daylight ptb leaks niitoishere leaksbydaylight candyman chapter v4.1.0 behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – New AI Bots Mechanics, Upcoming New Skins with Release Dates & Prices, New ‘Blood Hurt’ Skins Mechanics during the match, New Archives Changes UI & Audio

New leaks from PTB about upcoming new skins, AI Bots & Archives! Read More…