Charlie The Legend Banner leaksbydaylight deadbydaylight dbd dead by daylight charliethelegend doll demon game multiplayer asymmetric fireblitz games

Charlie – The Legend | New Multiplayer Asymmetrical Horror

Charlie – The Legend is a new Multiplayer Horror 4v1 inspired by the famous killer doll. Read More…

silent hill chapter easter egg chase music leaksbydaylight pyramid head music niitoishere end game collapse alessa gillespie konami

Dead by Daylight – Pyramid Head New Chase Music, New End Game Collapse in the Silent Hill Map, New Skins In-Game + Render & Anniversary Items Icons

More info about the Silent Hill chapter & the new anniversary event! Read More…

tome 3 escalation dbd dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dates

Dead by Daylight – Tome 3 – Escalation Leaked: Dates & Characters!

The third tome of Dead by Daylight is about to be released. Read More…

silent hill chapter dead by daylight dbd pyramid head niitoishere leaksbydaylight crossover

Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter Crossover: Perks & Killer Power

Are you curious to find out what’s new regarding the new chapter of dead by daylight? Read More…

anniversary event dead by daylight silent hill leaksbydaylight dbd chapter

Dead by Daylight – New infos about Anniversary Event & New Skins/Item Render

There are more info about anniversary event and there are also new render for the new skins coming in v4.0.0! Read More…

Dead by daylight archives tome 3 lore escalation dbd leaksbydaylight midchapter patch v3.7.0

Dead by Daylight – Tome 3 Escalation: All Lore Text

In a few hours tome 3 is released, are you curious to read the texts about the new lore in preview? Read More…

dead by daylight anniversary event leaks v4.1.0 collections release leaksbydaylight dbd silent hill chapter konami pyramid head niitoishere

Dead by Daylight – New Anniversary Event Info & v4.1.0 Cosmetics Release Dates

New info about anniversary event and upcoming skins. Read More…

dead by daylight anniversary event leaksbydaylight silent hill chapter dbd crossprogressoin crossplay

Dead by Daylight – Anniversary Event Audio, Cross-Progression Code & Crown Pillar Render

New info about Anniversary Event & Cross-Progression. Read More…

Patch-Notes-Leaked leaksbydaylight dbd dead by daylightv3.6.1

Dead by Daylight – v3.6.1 Patch Notes Leaked

A new patch will be released on March 17th. Read More…

dead by daylight tome 4 leaks pyramid head silent hill leaksbydaylight niitoishere cheryl mason konami code leak dbd

Dead by Daylight – Tome 4 Info Leaks, Konami Code Easter Egg, Pyramid Head Without “Mask”, & Reminder Chapter 16 & Anniversary Dates

New leaks about Tome 4 & Silent Hill Chapter! Read More…


Hide or Die: Out of Early Access with a completely reworked game

Hide or Die is getting ready for the full launch of the game! Read More…

dead by daylight bots mechanic leaksbydaylight tome iv conviction dbd skins leaks charms render skemo candyman chapter springtrap dead by daylight

Dead by Daylight Leaks – How Bots will work, Tome IV Skins Render + All Charms & New info about Red Glyph Mechanic

New leaks about Bots, Tome IV & Red Glyph mechanic! Read More…

Dead by daylight cutscenes tome 3 escalation leaksbydaylight dbd movie

Dead by Daylight – Tome 3: All Cutscenes Lore

All Cutscenes of Tome 3: Escalation. Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Tome 3 Escalation Release & Sales!

News about Tome 3 Escalation and sales on game & dlc. Read More…


Dead by Daylight – PTB Official Date & Upcoming Changes to the Game!

A few minutes ago a new Developer Update came out which confirms the date for the PTB and anticipates all the news that will come into play with the Mid-Chapter! Read More…

Pennywise Alien chapter Dead-by-daylight-leaksbydaylight-dbd-anniversary-chapter-16-event-release-date-candyman-tome-3-escalation

Dead by Daylight – Estimated Chapter 16 Release Date, Anniversary Event 2020 & Golden Week

New info about Chapter 16, the Anniversary Event and the Golden Week. Read More…

Last-Year-Elastic-Games-leaksbydaylight-update-v1017 dbd

Last Year: A New Big Update!

Last Year is getting ready for another big update. Read More…

dead by daylight hellraiser chapter dbd pinhead behaviour interactive mathieu cote leaksbydaylight simon

Dead by Daylight – Hellraiser Chapter Hint by the Game Director of DBD?

Did the game director of dead by daylight give us a clue about the new chapter? Read More…

dbd dead by daylight lbd leaksbydaylight mobile disconnection bot market premade ghostface

Dead by Daylight Mobile: New Features!

New features for the dead by daylight mobile game have been announced! Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Chapter 16 will be Licensed? Costs In-Game Leaked

The next chapter will be licensed? Read More…