silent hill chapter dead by daylight dbd pyramid head niitoishere leaksbydaylight crossover

Dead by Daylight – Silent Hill Chapter Crossover: Perks & Killer Power

Are you curious to find out what’s new regarding the new chapter of dead by daylight? Read More…

tome 3 escalation dbd dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dates

Dead by Daylight – Tome 3 – Escalation Leaked: Dates & Characters!

The third tome of Dead by Daylight is about to be released. Read More…

dead by daylight pinhead hellraiser chapter dbd pennywise friday the 13th leaksbydaylight candyman film 2020 tony todd niitoishere lbd

Dead by Daylight – New Info about Killer & Map of Chapter 16 + PTB time got changed!

News about PTB, Killer & Map of the new chapter! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Ghost Face will have new content + Gaming Habits Survey & Tome IV Conviction Info/Banner

News about Ghost Face, the new Tome & a new Survey. Read More…

dead by daylight tome V leaksbydaylight dbd niitoishere hillbilly blight rift rewards nea karlsson adam francis behaviour interactive candyman

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Tome V Challenges, Characters and Rift Rewards

New leaks about Tome V. Read More…

dead by daylight ptb leaks niitoishere leaksbydaylight candyman chapter v4.1.0 behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – New AI Bots Mechanics, Upcoming New Skins with Release Dates & Prices, New ‘Blood Hurt’ Skins Mechanics during the match, New Archives Changes UI & Audio

New leaks from PTB about upcoming new skins, AI Bots & Archives! Read More…

halloween the game kane hodder friday the 13th jason gun media new game project michael myers leaksbydaylight dbd leaks
NewsOff DBD

Gun Media working with Kane Hodder on a New Licensed Horror Game: Halloween The Game Confirmed?

Is Michael Myers Getting his game? Read More…

dead by daylight dev stream leaksbydaylight niitoishere cross progression behaviour interactive dbd graphics improvements ps5

Dead by Daylight – Characters Graphic Improvements, New Killers Animations, Cross-Progression News, Map Graphical Updates and More!

Summary from the latest dev stream! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Upcoming Collections + Winter Sale Leaked

Upcoming collections and winter sale leaked. Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – All New Upcoming Skins & Charms + The New HillBilly Chase Music & Lobby Music!

New leaks about new charms and skins! Read More…

Pennywise Alien chapter Dead-by-daylight-leaksbydaylight-dbd-anniversary-chapter-16-event-release-date-candyman-tome-3-escalation

Dead by Daylight – Estimated Chapter 16 Release Date, Anniversary Event 2020 & Golden Week

New info about Chapter 16, the Anniversary Event and the Golden Week. Read More…

Charlie The Legend Banner leaksbydaylight deadbydaylight dbd dead by daylight charliethelegend doll demon game multiplayer asymmetric fireblitz games

Charlie – The Legend | New Multiplayer Asymmetrical Horror

Charlie – The Legend is a new Multiplayer Horror 4v1 inspired by the famous killer doll. Read More…

Dead By Daylight Release Dates Collections Skins leaksbydaylight dbd

Dead by Daylight – All Release Dates of v3.6.0 Collections

All release dates about new collections skins. Read More…

dead by daylight fifth anniversary leaksbydaylight currencies event mathieu cote dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – New Currencies Leaked and “Impressive Stars” for the 5th Anniversary Event: will there be any new ways to get Licensed Characters?

There are new leaks regarding new currencies within the game. Read More…

dead by daylight licensed chapter candyman leaksbydaylight mathieu cote dbd fourth anniversary 4th dbd niitoishere iconic license

Dead by Daylight will celebrate its 4th Anniversary with a new Licensed Chapter

New Iconic Horror License coming to Dead by Daylight. Read More…

dead by daylight christmas skins collection krampus dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Krampus Banner Leaked + Christmas Advent Calendar Skins & Charms Leaks

New leaks about upcoming skins and charms! Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 17 leaskbydaylight release dates mid chapter 17.5 oktoberfest dead by daylight behaviour interactive niitoishere konami

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Chapter 17, Mid-Chapter Patch 17.5 & Upcoming Collection Release Dates + Tome V Rift Rewards

Leaks about release dates of upcoming content + new info about Tome V! Read More..

candyman2020 film tonytodd candyman voice over dead by daylight dbd behaviour interactive chapter licensed iconic killer milestone leaksbydaylight niitoishere mathieu cote

Dead By Daylight – Candyman may be the first licensed killer to have a voice

Candyman will be the first killer to have a voice? Read More…

anniversary event dead by daylight silent hill leaksbydaylight dbd chapter

Dead by Daylight – New infos about Anniversary Event & New Skins/Item Render

There are more info about anniversary event and there are also new render for the new skins coming in v4.0.0! Read More…

dead by daylight descend beyond leaksbydaylight cybil bennett legendary cheryl mason dbd niitoishere

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Oktoberfest Collection & Cybil Bennett Legendary In-Game Leaks + The Blight Chase Music & Lobby Music, KingKong Torso and Anniversary Crown for Blight and Felix

In-Game Leaks about upcoming collections + Chapter 17 Music! Read More…