Dead By Daylight Release Dates Collections Skins leaksbydaylight dbd

Dead by Daylight – All Release Dates of v3.6.0 Collections

All release dates about new collections skins. Read More…

silent hill chapter easter egg chase music leaksbydaylight pyramid head music niitoishere end game collapse alessa gillespie konami

Dead by Daylight – Pyramid Head New Chase Music, New End Game Collapse in the Silent Hill Map, New Skins In-Game + Render & Anniversary Items Icons

More info about the Silent Hill chapter & the new anniversary event! Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 19 teaser fifth dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight

Dead by Daylight – Chapter 19: Fifth Teaser!

Another teaser for chapter 19! Read More…

candyman chapter dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd tony todd behaviour interactive universal pictures mgm

Dead by Daylight – will Candyman come to a Horror Game? the actor who plays him, Tony Todd, says to wait

Another hint about the candyman chapter? Read More…

dead by daylight hellraiser chapter dbd pinhead behaviour interactive mathieu cote leaksbydaylight simon

Dead by Daylight – Hellraiser Chapter Hint by the Game Director of DBD?

Did the game director of dead by daylight give us a clue about the new chapter? Read More…

dead by daylight resident evil chapter 25th anniversary capcom dbd leaksbydaylight nemesis resident evil village dbd crossover mrx

Dead by Daylight – Capcom seeking collaborations for Resident Evil 25th Anniversary on March 2021: Chapter 19 Licensed Confirmed?

New info about the Resident Evil Chapter. Read More…

sony japan masahiro ito studios silent hill reboot dead by daylight bluepoint dbd behaviour interactive pyramid head chapter leaksbydaylight kojima konami

New Silent Hill contents coming to Dead by Daylight? A new game appears to be in Development

A new Silent Hill game is in development? Read More…

behaviour in-game leaks dead by daylight crossprogression leaksbydaylight niitoishere dbd crossplatform

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Behaviour Account Cross-Progression Settings LEAKED!

Leaks about the Behaviour account for the cross-progression! Read More…

resident evil chapter deda by daylight capcom dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Chapter CONFIRMED for June!

Resident Evil Chapter confirmed for June! Read More…

dead by daylight leaksbydaylight behaviour capcom nemesis lady dimitrescu resident evil chapter dbd legendary skin

Dead by Daylight – Future Killers will also have AI Mechanics like Nemesis + Resident Evil Chapter Price & Lady Dimitrescu as Legendary Skin?

News about Resident Evil Contents & AI Mechanics! Read More…

alien multiplayer horror game daybreak games cold iron studios h1z1 developers dead by daylight leaksbydaylight niitoishere
NewsOff DBD

A new Licensed Multiplayer Horror Game is in development: Alien!

A new licensed horror multiplayer is in development! Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 18 wendigo leaksbydaylight dbd krampus legendary niitoishere

Dead by Daylight Leaks – All Info about v4.4.0/Chapter 18 Upcoming Cosmetics: Descriptions, Prices & Release Dates Leaked

All info about all upcoming cosmetics with v4.4.0! Read More…

dead by daylight christmas skins collection krampus dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Krampus Banner Leaked + Christmas Advent Calendar Skins & Charms Leaks

New leaks about upcoming skins and charms! Read More…

dead by daylight tome 4 leaked dbd leaksbydaylight niitoishere conviction tome

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Tome IV ‘Conviction’ Skins & Charms + New Mechanic ‘Red Glyph’

There are new leaks about the upcoming tome IV. Read More…

dead by daylight chapter 19 release dates midchapter leaksbydaylight all kill chapter behaviour interactive niitoishere

Dead by Daylight Leaks – New Release Dates for Chapter 19 All-Kill, Cosmetics, PTB & Mid-Chapter 19.5

New dates for the upcoming contents on Dead by Daylight! Read More…

dead by daylight clown rework dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight krampus

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Clown Rework: New Addon Leaked!

A leaks about the upcoming Clown rework! Read More…

dead by daylight ptb leaks niitoishere leaksbydaylight candyman chapter v4.1.0 behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – New AI Bots Mechanics, Upcoming New Skins with Release Dates & Prices, New ‘Blood Hurt’ Skins Mechanics during the match, New Archives Changes UI & Audio

New leaks from PTB about upcoming new skins, AI Bots & Archives! Read More…

deadbydaylight candyman chapter jason voorhees dbd friday the 13th lawsuit game leaksbydaylight niitoishere scottjund tony todd

Dead by Daylight – New Matchmaking, New Skins, Candyman Hints, All Chapter 16 Dates & Unknown DLC Page Updated

New leaks & summary of the dates concerning chapter 16. Read More…

resident evil chapter dead by daylight leaksbydaylight dbd resident evil anniversary 25 capcom behaviour interactive nemesis village lady dimitrescu

Dead by Daylight – The Chapter 19 teasers could be other clues for the Resident Evil Chapter

The official teasers about chapter 19 could be other clues about a collaboration with Capcom? Read More…

dead by daylight halloween license tome archives map rework models overhaul leaksbydaylight behaviour interactive dbd

Dead by Daylight – Behaviour Interactive renewed Halloween license: Haddonfield graphic rework, models overhaul & Tome dedicated to Myers & Laurie Strode?

Behaviour Interactive has renewed the Halloween license. Read More…