dead by daylight divergence tome vi challenges tome leaksydaylight dbd leaks behaviour interactive red glyph

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Tome VI Name & Red Glyph Icon Leaked + Release Dates, All Challenges, Characters and Rift Rewards Reminder

All leaks about TOME VI! Read More…

dead by daylight greek legends leaksbydaylight the oni legendary skins dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight Leaks – The Greek Legends Collection Trailer Leaked: The Oni Legendary Skins and more!

Leaks about the new greek legends collections! Read More…

anniversary event dead by daylight silent hill leaksbydaylight dbd chapter

Dead by Daylight – New infos about Anniversary Event & New Skins/Item Render

There are more info about anniversary event and there are also new render for the new skins coming in v4.0.0! Read More…

dead by daylight leaksbydaylight behaviour capcom nemesis lady dimitrescu resident evil chapter dbd legendary skin

Dead by Daylight – Future Killers will also have AI Mechanics like Nemesis + Resident Evil Chapter Price & Lady Dimitrescu as Legendary Skin?

News about Resident Evil Contents & AI Mechanics! Read More…

dead by daylight quentin smith dbd krueger freddy leaksbydaylight nightmare on elm street rework face

Dead by Daylight – Quentin Smith Face Rework + Tome VIII Leaks: Name, Cosmetics & Charms

Quentin smith face reworked + Tome VIII Leaks! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – For Honor & Saw Spiral Collaborations Crossover Licensed Leaked

Saw Spiral & For Honor Crossover Leaked! Read More…

Dead by daylight archives tome 3 lore escalation dbd leaksbydaylight midchapter patch v3.7.0

Dead by Daylight – Tome 3 Escalation: All Lore Text

In a few hours tome 3 is released, are you curious to read the texts about the new lore in preview? Read More…

dbd dead by daylight lbd leaksbydaylight mobile disconnection bot market premade ghostface

Dead by Daylight Mobile: New Features!

New features for the dead by daylight mobile game have been announced! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight – Two licenses in a row or two separate licenses for Chapter 16?

Chapter 16 may have two independent licenses. Read More…

dead by daylight village resident evil chapter capcom leaksbydaylight dbd

Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Chapter Revealed: Nemesis, Jill Valentine & Leon Kennedy – Powers, Perks & Release Dates

Resident Evil Chapter Revealed! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Pretty Lady Leatherface Skin Banner, Price & Release Date Leaked

Pretty Lady Leatherface Leaked. Read More…

dead by daylight resident evil chapter 25th anniversary capcom dbd leaksbydaylight nemesis resident evil village dbd crossover mrx

Dead by Daylight – Capcom seeking collaborations for Resident Evil 25th Anniversary on March 2021: Chapter 19 Licensed Confirmed?

New info about the Resident Evil Chapter. Read More…

dead by daylight hellraiser chapter kirsty cotton survivor licensed chapter 21 leaksbydaylight dbd behaviour pinhead killer power ashley laurence

Kirsty Cotton may be joining Dead by Daylight but separated from the Hellraiser Chapter due to license ‘issues’

Kirsty will be in Dead by Daylight? Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – James Sunderland Audio Leaked + All Leaked Cosmetics from Mid-Chapter 21.5

All leaks about Mid-Chapter 21.5. Read More…

dead by daylight leatherface skin old lady dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight dbd leaks niitoishere

Dead by Daylight Leaks – All Info about the Leatherface Skin: Release Date, Descriptions, In-Game Model, Banner & Film

All info about the upcoming Leatherface skin. Read More…

resident evil chapter deda by daylight capcom dbd behaviour interactive

Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Chapter CONFIRMED for June!

Resident Evil Chapter confirmed for June! Read More…

home sweet home survive multiplayer horror leaksbydalight dbd dead by daylight chapter 20 resident evil leaks

A new Multiplayer Horror Game 4v1 will be released tomorrow: Home Sweet Home Survive!

A new horror multiplayer is about to be released! Read More…

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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Stranger Things Jonathan Byers & Nancy Wheeler Skins Leaked + New Waterfront Massacre Collection, Sales and Skin from Old Rift

Stranger Things skins leaked and waterfront massacre collection sales. Read More…

dead by daylight clown rework dbd behaviour interactive leaksbydaylight krampus

Dead by Daylight Leaks – Clown Rework: New Addon Leaked!

A leaks about the upcoming Clown rework! Read More…


Dead by Daylight – Upcoming Killers & Perks Changes, Nintendo Switch Cross-Progression Release Period, Matchmaking, UI and More!

This is a summary of the recent Devs Q&A Livestream. Read More…