Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Game: New Licensed Collabs Coming, New DLC Revealed, Single-Player Mode, Steelbook, Gameplay Changes & More!


News coming for Leatherface game! Read More…

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Big news is coming for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Leatherface game.

In fact there are coming a single player mode, Shirtless Johnny Skin, new perks, more voice lines but not only that.

Because in fact with the new update there will be an in-game currency to buy various contents, there will be new ways to escape in the new maps, and leatherface will no longer be required to start a game.

The level cap will be increased, there will be a system for reporting bad players, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian language support, stealth will be improved, and regular updates will be released every 30-45 days.

But the news doesn't end there, because in fact they are trying to get new implementations from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre license, new Motion Capture sessions will be done for new animations, there will be a steelbook edition of the game, and there will be new collaborations with horror icons such as Greg Nicotero.

The new update will be released on November 28, which will have new characters, Nancy and Danny, and a new map called Nancy's House; the DLC will cost 9,99$.

The new characters will have exclusive perks and abilities, and until November 27 the game is 25% off on Playstation.

Excited about all this?

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