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Naughty Dog X Behaviour Interactive – The Last Of Us Crossover Collaboration with Dead by Daylight: Licensed Chapter Teaser?

Do you remember that survey that Behaviour Interactive did a few years ago, in which they asked what collaboration the fans of Dead by Daylight would want? Within that list were IPs that actually made it into the game like Attack On Titan, The Ring, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Pinhead. And among them was The Last Of Us.

Yesterday a teaser depicting a rabbit was published on socials, and fans immediately began to speculate on what that image might mean, and many have linked it to The Last Of Us 1.

This is because inside the game there is just a scene of a rabbit that is killed by Ellie, and many have thought that it might be a reference to a collaboration coming between The Last Of Us and Dead By Daylight:

In addition, Naughty Dog has just announced the remake of the first game of The Last Of Us coming out later this year, so it would make sense to do a collaboration during the release of it:

But there are also those who think it is a simple teaser of the new Tome.

What do you think? Would you like a collaboration between Naughty Dog and Behaviour Interactive?

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