Dead by Daylight Leaks – New AI Bots Mechanics, Upcoming New Skins with Release Dates & Prices, New ‘Blood Hurt’ Skins Mechanics during the match, New Archives Changes UI & Audio


New leaks from PTB about upcoming new skins, AI Bots & Archives! Read More…

There are new leaks regarding the new skins that will arrive on dead by daylight and the new charms. Thanks to Masusder.


The name of the next Dead by Daylight tome is "Conviction", and inside the dead by daylight files a folder was found, still empty, which refers to the skins that will have Leatherface.


• Adam outfit - Release: 4th August | 21600 Shards or 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Herald of the Gods
- Description: Clothing found in a lost realm, donning the symbol of the god Hermes.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• David outfit - Release: 31st July | 21600 Shards or 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Champion of Olympus
- Description: Attire that shows off the confidence of its Hercalean wearer.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Feng outfit - Release: 7th August | 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Goddess of Warfare
- Description: From the fog, an outfit inspired by myths of Athena emerge, bestowed to one of gaming's greatest legends.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Jane outfit (Set) - Release: 7th August | 21600 Shards or 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: The Goddess Muse
- Description: Through poetry and tales of Thalia, an outfit formed of the fog.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Yui outfit - Release: 28th July | 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Goddess of Victory
- Description: As if summoned by her winning spirit, Yui found the vestments of Nieke within the fog.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Clown outfit (Set) - Release: 28th July | 21600 Shards or 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Lord of the Underworld
- Description: Twisted by his exploration through the Fog, the myths of the Greek god Hades reshaped The Clown's repulsive body.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Oni (Legendary) outfit - Release: 31st July | 1485 Auric Cells
- Name: The Minotaur
- Description: As memories and myths of The Entity’s victims merged in the fog, a wretched minotaur materialized, unbound from any prison maze.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Spirit outfit - Release: 4th August | 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Furious Alecto
- Description: Fused in the Fog with the myths and stories of Survivors past, Rin took on the appearance of an ancient Greek Fury.
- Collection: Greek Legends

• Pyramid Head outfit (Set) - Release: 21st August | 1080 Auric Cells
- Name: Forge Born
- Description: Straight from the fiery forge, an inferno of cruelty and malice rages.
- Collection: Immolation


From this new patch, your clothes will get stained with blood as the match progresses when get hit by the killer. In addition, we managed to discover a new feature coming soon, the AI BOTS, as there are also in the mobile version of the game.

• Blood Hurt Skin Screen, thanks to NorbiZ:


The archives have been updated with new audio and changes also to the UI.

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