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Dead by Daylight Leaks – Tome IV ‘Conviction’ Skins & Charms + New Mechanic ‘Red Glyph’

There are new leaks regarding the upcoming new Tome IV: 'Conviction'.
Thanks to Masusder for this new leaks, to MichaelMyers for the in-game screen of the new charms and to BenJ for the render of the skins.


• Ace outfit
- Name: Sideshow Brawler
Description: It wasn't optimal attire for an MMA match, but that didn't worry Ace-he had luck on his side.
Collection: Conviction

• Wraith outfit
- Name: Phantom of Vengeance
- Description: All-consuming hatred begins as a spark of injustice. All it needs from there is a drop of kerosene.
- Collection: Conviction

• Trapper outfit
- Name: Circus Brawns
- Description: Step up and see the incredible feats performed by this savage beast! But don't get too close! He bites!
- Collection: Circus Strongman

• Jake outfit
- Name: Ranchman
- Description: Howdy partner! The perfect outfit for living off the land and keeping the sun off your neck.
- Collection: Western Wrangler

• Doctor outfit
- Name: Naval Warfare
- Description: The thought of having a hundred potential victims confined to a tin can in the ocean was only a dream. But The Entity has a way of providing...
- Collection: Treacherous Waters

• Meg outfit
- Name: Jewel of the Party
- Description: The dress gifted to Meg by her mother, shortly before she won it all.
- Collection: Conviction

• Oni outfit
- Name: Vengeful Lord
- Description: He entered the battle dressed as a lord and humiliated imposter samurai before exiling into a forest where he would later cut them down.
- Collection: Feudal Domain

• David outfit
- Name: Wave Runner
- Description: What's better than sailing to your favorite pub with a pint of brew in hand?
- Collection: Treacherous Waters

• Hag outfit
- Name: The Abomination
- Description: Her grandmother warned her not to trifle with such power...
- Collection: Conviction

• Zarina outfit
- Name: The Goddess Queen
- Description: A breathtaking ensemble that pays homage to the goddess Hera.
- Collection: Greek Legends

These are obviously full outfits with head, torso and legs, but in the rift there will also be single pieces of cosmetics (as more recolor heads etc.) and 32 new charms.


(the colors of the Zarina skin are placeholders, they are not the ones that will actually be on the skin at the release)


The lore entries for the upcoming Tome IV 'Conviction' are:
- Ace: 7
- Hag: 5
- Meg: 7
- Wraith: 10
- Observer: 5

We found out that the audios will be used for a new archives feature called Red Glyph.

This new mechanic is linked to a special quest which is in turn linked to an in-game event to be done. This mechanic looks like something that is still under development, in fact the special quest is currently located in level 5 of the tome which is a level used only for internal testing. This special quest it is linked to an in-game event that will obviously give blood points like all in-game events, but there is a particular string in reference to this new mechanic: "Duration of the interaction to activate the glyph" with a value of 3 seconds. That is, the duration of the interaction to activate this glyph is 3 seconds.

What do you think of these new leaks?

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