Dead by Daylight Leaks – Cross-Play & Cross-Friends Release Dates + Upcoming Hotfix & The First Fog Whisperers Event


New leaks about cross-friends, cross-platform, upcoming new hotfix & the first fog whisperers event! Read More…

There are new leaks regarding cross-friends and cross-platform, and also, tomorrow there will be a new hotfix, and next week there will be the first event among fog whisperers. Thanks to Th3Nigh7mare for these new leaks.


A couple of days ago, the cross-play and cross-platform features were being tested internally, and today it has been decided the day on which these two new features will be officially released, which is August 13 at 15:00 UTC:

"CrossPlay and CrossFriends have now arrived in Dead by Daylight. With both of these active, you can now add friends from across Steam, Windows Store, Xbox One, PS4, Switch platforms. Players from all these platforms can now appear in your Trials... you never know who will show up when you are surviving together or killing; online in the Fog!
Players who wish to keep matchmaking locked to their own platform will be able to option out of CrossPlay."


Tomorrow, August 11, there will be a new hotfix which, among other things, will contain the following fixes:

- Further tweaks to The Hillbilly's Chainsaw heat meter.
- Fixed a save game issue which caused the message "Save Game Error 111" to appear.
- Tweaks for add-ons for The Hillbilly & The Cannibal
- Updated the Aura system
- Fixed an issue causing some items to be depleted just before they ran out of charges


On August 20 at 12 PM ET/9 PM PT, there will be the first event in which five teams of fog whisperers will compete. The event will be broadcast on Twitch.

What do you think of these upcoming features?

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