Dead by Daylight Leaks – Chapter 17 Code Name & Cosmetics + Red Glyph Mechanic Animation & New Info


New leak about Chapter 17 & Red Glyph Mechanic. Read More…

There are new leaks regarding Chapter 17 and the Red Glyph challenges that I have mentioned in the previous articles.
Thanks to Masusder.


The code name of Chapter 17 is Yemen, there will also be new cosmetics for Cheryl, Kate, Meg and of course also for the new killer and the new survivor:

Chapter XVII Cosmetics:
- New survivor:
• 3 outfits
• 2 recolor outfits
• 7 Body and Legs recolors
Basic & Prestige Outfits

- New killer:
2 outfits
8 recolor outfits
Basic & Prestige Outfits

- Other Characters:
• Cheryl: 1 outfit (Legendary)
• Kate: 1 outfit (Very Rare, Set)
• Meg: 1 outfit (Very Rare)

Obviously I remind you that chapter 17 is still in production and that these contents may change.


Today we give you new information about it.

The code name of these new challenges is "Contextual", and this will be the animation that the survivor will do when he has to interact with a red glyph:

And these are the UI images for this new type of challenge:

What do you think of these new coming challenges?

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3 Years Ago

there hasent been a leak in a while, did you find anything?