Dead by Daylight Leaks – Leatherface, Ghostface & Tome V Skins + Silent Hill DLC Cosmetic Pack!


New leaks about Leatherface & Ghostface Outfits + Tome V Skins and a new cosmetic pack! Read More..

About two months ago I told you about Leatherface getting new skins, and also R.J. Torbert, the license owner of Ghost Face, tweeted that a new content was on the way to Dead by Daylight. Today we have new information on these two new content, along with a new upcoming Silent Hill content.


The new Ghost Face skin will be a Set (so you will not be able to buy only single pieces of the skin but you will be forced to buy the entire skin, as happens for the Silent Hill skins) and will be contained in the skins that will be released with the Mid-Chapter Patch, along with the Leatherface skin.

Also, there will be
recolor outfits (i.e. outfits that will simply have a different color than they currently have) for Nea Karlsson, The Hag, Meg Thomas, Plague, The Wraith, Jake Park, Kate Denson.

Moreover, skins have been added for Tome 5, including new outfits for The Legion, Adam Francis, Clown, David King, Claudette Morel, Trapper + 32 new charms.

The Mid-Chapter Patch will be released towards the end of October.


On Dead by Daylight its coming a particular DLC is also on the way that will contain all the Silent Hill Skins, which will be released by September/October:

*Note: I remind you that all this is under development and therefore may change until the actual release.

Are you excited for the first new Leatherface skin?

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