Dead by Daylight – Behaviour Interactive renewed Halloween license: Haddonfield graphic rework, models overhaul & Tome dedicated to Myers & Laurie Strode?


Behaviour Interactive has renewed the Halloween license. Read More…

The graphics rework of the old realms of the game started last year on Dead by Daylight, and we knew that, after the rework of the Freddy Krueger realm, sooner or later it would be Haddonfield's turn. Well, his rework could come soon.

probably to get to work on the graphic reworking of Haddonfield, and perhaps also on the models of Laurie Strode & Michael Myers.

Also, I remind you that in the next tome there will be a licensed character for the first time, namely William 'Bill' Overbeck.
The renewal of the Halloween license, so, will also mean the possibility of creating a tome to tell the story of Laurie Strode & Michael Myers, and of course, also creating new outfits for them.

Are you a fan of the Halloween saga?

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