After Dead by Daylight, Silent Hill collaborates with another multiplayer horror game: Dark Deception Monsters & Mortals!


A new Silent Hill DLC in a multiplayer horror! Read More…

After the collaboration with Dead by Daylight, Konami brings the Silent Hill IP to another horror multiplayer, namely Dark Deception Monster & Mortals.

This game is developed by an indie team called Glowstick Entertainment, and as it is very unusual for an indie team to get such a major license, they have announced that this DLC will be a test, if it goes well, such important new licenses could come to the game:

"It's highly unusual for a small indie team like Glowstick Entertainment to obtain an IP as big as Silent Hill. We are extremely proud to have worked on it and we owe the opportunity to the success of Dark Deception and the passion of the DD community! That said, this is a huge test for the Monsters & Mortals community. If the Silent Hill DLC sells well, DLC for other big AAA IP become a strong possibility. We definitely cannot do it without your help. So if you own Monsters & Mortals, but are on on the fence as to which DLC to buy, this is definitely the one to get. Wishlist the game now and help spread the word! Get ready for Heather, Cybil, Robbie, Nurse, and Red Pyramid Thing to join the madness!"

The DLC will be released tomorrow March 23rd at 6AM PST, and during launch week it will be available for purchase at a 10% discount. This DLC will only be available for a limited time.

Watch the official trailer:

And the contents showcase:

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