Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Combat System, Perks, Survivors & More about the Upcoming Leatherface Game


News about Leatherface Game. Read More…

The developers of the Leatherface game have released new statements on their project revealing new information on gameplay:

- About Survivors:
Survivors will have various ways to defend themselves from the Family, but engaging in full combat with the family is not something that victims can easily do. The game is not structured in that way, the family in fact cannot be killed, the fight is the last option for the victims, it only makes sense if you are in a situation of despair.

- About the Metagame:
In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre we still have a detailed metagame to share that will shape the playable characters immensely, with attributes more similar to their basic stats. In this game the attributes are similar to F13 although they will not be identical and will not also be the entire identity of the character. On the victims, they are all unique enough in their core to differentiate them, and in no way are just different skins with advantages applied.

What do you think about all this?

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