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Dead by Daylight – New Anniversary Event Info & v4.1.0 Cosmetics Release Dates

There are news regarding the upcoming skins that I mentioned in the last article, and also in the anniversary event which will start in a few days.

Thanks to Masusder for this new information.


The anniversary event, which I remind you will start on June 23rd and end on July 7th, is based on those "crowns" skins that I showed you in that article days ago. In short, escape as a survivor, or winning as a killer, having taken the crown from the crown-pillar, you will unlock those cosmetics. While the two skins for Claudette and Deathslinger will probably be free for everyone.

We also know that the crown-pillar where to obtain the crowns will have a variable position, and regarding the score-events:

• 250 additional Bloodpoints for every player in trial, when Survivor or Killer collects crown;

• 500 additional Bloodpoints for player who escapes with crown.


These are the dates of the skins that will be released in the shop:

The Clown outfit - 28th July
Yui Kimura outfit - 28th July
David King outfit - 31st July
The Oni Legendary outfit - 31st July
Adam Francis outfit - 4th August
The Spirit outfit - 4th August
Feng Min outfit - 7th August
Jane Romero outfit - 7th August
Pyramid Head outfit - 21st August

I remind you that the mid-chapter patch is more than a month away, so everything is still subject to change by dev.

What do you think of the anniversary event? and for which skin are you most excited?

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